Data Cabling and Networking Specialists


TW Data prides itself in the extent of its installation documentation. Only by fully documenting all aspects of the installed system can its full benefits be obtained. To this end a 'Network Operations Guide' is produced for each project with completed copies being held both by the client and TW Data.
The contents of a typical Operations Guide is as follows:

1 - Introduction
This opening section of the Network Operations Guide provides you with a very brief overview of the network installation and guides you to the following sections:

2 - Network Overview
A detailed guide to the operation and maintenance of the network, including schematic drawings.

3 - Structured Cabling System
Gives a detailed guide to the cable installation, including all supported protocols, driving distances and performance criteria

4 - Component Specification
A manufacturer's data specification to all components which were used within the network, including electrical properties, physical specification, performance criteria.

5 - Hardware Overview
A comprehensive guide to the specification of all hardware within the network, in short, a brief overview of the manufacturer's supplied manuals.

6 - Rack Layouts & Patch Frame Layouts
Drawing of physical Cabinet Layout and complete Network Diagrams will be produced.

7 - Test Results
This section contains test results obtained at the time of network installation. All components of the network are 100% tested, the results of which can be used for future reference in fault detection or network extension.

8 - Network Warranty
Details of all TW Data support services, including contact numbers, Customer reference numbers and maintenance details.