Data Cabling and Networking Specialists

The Project Manager's Role

Planning, Scheduling & Handover

The lack of a well calculated project plan on any period is a recipe for disaster. TW Data are proud to say that they have never missed the live date or scheduled completion date on any installation projects that they have performed.

Salesman - Handover

On contract acceptance the appointed Project Manager will call a meeting between the Project Director, the Quality Manager and the Sales Manager so as to conduct a total handover of all contractual information from the Sales Manager to the Project Manager. The completion of this meeting in effect marks the end of the Salesman's day to day involvement on the project. At this meeting project time scales will be discussed.

Final Design

The first project team meeting should take place as soon as order acceptance is complete at which time a final design and the project time scale will be set. This will include a final site survey and marking of items such as cable routes, equipment location etc. In addition to the above the labelling convention to be used must be finalised.

Project Management Tools

On completion of this meeting the Project Manager will, with the Site Manager's input compile the first works order and first detailed Gantt chart, the Project Manager will compile the Bill of Materials for the procurement of materials required throughout the project. This in itself is a major task as it requires the thorough understanding of the project time scales so that "call off" orders can be placed upon suppliers.

Delivery Scheduling

Expected and then confirmed delivery dates will then be related to the client representative so that the site personnel can be made aware of impending deliveries for TW Data. The Project Manager will ensure that the client is totally aware of the contents of any deliveries and the expected date and time of the delivery so that it can be handled efficiently.

Installation Phase

Using the detailed Gantt chart as a constant reference the Project Manager shall start to co-ordinate the completion of the first works order, the installation phase requires critical planning to ensure the client's time scales and requirements are met.

On completion of the relevant shift the installed works will be checked by the Site Manager and the total performance monitored using standard time and motion procedures. These details will be fed back to the project manager ready for the scheduling of the next phase. The project manager will then complete a status report and copy it to all relevant personnel. The next meeting will be called to schedule the next phase of works.

Handover & Commissioning

The handover and commissioning procedures will be organised on site about two days before they are first required. These will take the format of a 100% outlet test to be performed by the installation engineers in the presence of the client representative. This test will also, at his request, take place in front of the Quality Manager and at times the Project Manager. Full testing documentation will be handed to the client at the end of the complete works. On successful completion the client representatives will be asked to sign a milestone form to allow TW Data to invoice for the works performed.

Customer Liaison

One of the signs of good Project Management is the minimal level to which the client has to get involved with the project on a day to day basis.

This is only made possible by close liaison between the Project Manager and the client through methods such as meetings, regular management and status reports, constant use of gantt charts and verbal contact.