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Ortronics/Legrand, headquartered in New London, Connecticut, USA, is a global leader in commercial Category 5e, Category 6, 10 Gig, fibre optic, wireless and residential/MDU high performance, high capacity structured cabling systems.

In this connected world, it is our goal at Ortronics/Legrand to provide a connectivity infrastructure that will keep you connected to others and to the resources you need simply, reliably and seamlessly. Whether you need to run copper, fibre or wireless under floors, behind walls or in ceilings a small business or large campus a LAN, SAN or Data Centre a distributed, centralized or zoned architecture, you can count on Ortronics/Legrand for a trouble-free, worry-free cabling system.


At Ortronics/Legrand, we have development and design engineering teams with leading-edge skills in electricity, electronics, optics and mechanics, supported by a strong sales force with extensive industry experience. We've listened to users discuss their real-world needs, worst-case horror stories, and future requirements. We've worked with equipment vendors, standards organizations and end-users worldwide to understand how evolving communication needs affect connectivity. And we've used that knowledge to engineer and build products that are a cut above the competition's.


Innovation at Ortronics/Legrand begins with deep insight into end-user needs and evolving applications. Exceptional engineering and well equipped R&D labs apply the best mix of theory and practice to achieve industry-leading performance and ease of use. As data rates climb to 10Gb/s and beyond, higher bandwidth requirements put a premium on both advanced engineering and manufacturing to achieve full channel performance. That's where our engineering expertise ensures we'll be there with products for these ever-evolving needs.


No matter what your network needs may be, we've got you covered. From our proven Clarity Category 5e, 6 and 10 Gigabit modular patch panels, patch cords and workstation jacks to our innovative Wi-Jack wireless access point that fits into a standard wall outlet, you'll find everything you need for a high-performance cabling system. We give you more ways to connect and more ways to make it easy to create a cabling infrastructure that adds capabilities and reduces hassles.

Our products are designed for superior performance matched and tuned to perform better under all conditions. A comfortable margin of extra performance gives you the confidence and peace of mind that your cabling system will operate flawlessly day in and day out.