Data Cabling and Networking Specialists


The AMP NETCONNECT business unit of Tyco Electronics, develops, manufactures, and supplies a comprehensive range of communications infrastructure systems and products for customer-owned networks in government, education, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, education, residential, power, technology and other markets.

Having established itself as the preeminent provider of commercial premises structured cabling systems for optical fibre and twisted-pair copper technologies, Tyco Electronics has broadened its AMP NETCONNECT product portfolio to include a complete line of infrastructure management solutions, data centre solutions, 10 Gigabit solutions secure network solutions and even upper-level asset management solutions. The full spectrum of industry-leading products combines with superior customer service, making the AMP NETCONNECT business unit a single-source system provider to meet the wide range of communications infrastructure needs for local and global customers with local support and global capabilities.


With its business unit AMP NETCONNECT, Tyco Electronics is a worldwide leader in structured network cabling for communications, data and video. AMP NETCONNECT optical fibre and copper cabling systems suit all applications, from analogue telephony to 10 GBit Ethernet.  Our reliable end-to-end system solutions are scaleable for networks of all sizes, from small office cabling requirements to multi-building campus networks with thousands of users, while meeting the stringent demands of all appropriate regional and international standards. Automotive manufacturers rely upon AMP NETCONNECT systems to support business critical applications, as do airports, financial institutions, hospitals, governments and schools.

Complete System Approach

Inside the walls, under the floor, above the ceiling, deep in the wiring closet, thats the realm of Tyco Electronics AMP NETCONNECT products and services. We are your one-stop solution provider for IT network infrastructure, including twisted pair and optical fibre cabling systems, LAN Electronics and Intelligent Infrastructure Management Systems (IIMS).

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