Data Cabling and Networking Specialists


Wireless networks refer to any type of computer network that is wireless, and is commonly associated with a telecommunications network whose interconnections between nodes is implemented without the use of wires.

Wireless telecommunications networks are generally implemented with some type of remote information transmission system that uses electromagnetic waves, such as radio waves, for the carrier and this implementation usually takes place at the physical level or "layer" of the network.

Wireless LAN

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) is similar to other wireless devices and uses radio instead of wires to transmit data back and forth between computers on the same network. Wireless LANs are standardized under the IEEE 802.11 series.


Wi-Fi is a commonly used wireless network in computer systems to enable connection to the internet or other machines that have Wi-Fi functionalities. Wi-Fi networks broadcast radio waves that can be picked up by Wi-Fi receivers attached to different computers or mobile phones.

Fixed Wireless Data:

Fixed wireless data is a type of wireless data network that can be used to connect two or more buildings together to extend or share the network bandwidth without physically wiring the buildings together.