Data Cabling and Networking Specialists

Operational Procedures For Safe Working

TW Data's policy is to meet the ever-increasing requirements of our clients. This, along with a quality of service, support and technical backup for this continuing expanding industry.

TW Data provides a nation-wide professional service, installing voice/data solutions on copper, fibre and wireless media, along with strong Account Management and Consultancy Services, thus providing a full customer interface, thus enhancing our working relationship.

We take great care whether designing, installing or maintaining a new or existing system. All aspects of a project are taken into consideration (including power), from future growth through to emerging technologies which are all linked to important deadlines.

All of our engineers are well trained to the latest cabling standards and have a wide knowledge of all solutions through to RJ45 and block wiring schemes covering the latest approvals for Category 5e, 6 & 7 for copper TP solutions, and OM1, OM2 & OM3 for the latest fibre technologies.

To this end our engineers are not wasting the valuable time of our clients waiting for stock, tools or sundry items.