Data Cabling and Networking Specialists


Using either detailed Gantt charts or work schedules as a constant reference the Project Manager shall start to co-ordinate the completion of the first works order, the installation whether phased or not, will require critical planning to ensure the client's time scales and deadlines are met. With the schedules totally agreed and authorised by the client representative the Project Manager will issue relevant work orders and revise the schedules where necessary.

All shift personnel will be made aware of their responsibilities by the Site Manager and the work will be performed. On completion of the relevant shift the installed works will be checked by the Site Manager and the total performance monitored using standard time and motion procedures. These details will be fed back to the project manager ready for the scheduling of the next phase. The project manager will then complete a status report and copy it to all relevant personnel. The next meeting will be called to schedule the next phase of works.

A site diary will always be made available directly to the client representative should he/she should wish. This helps any confusion when the client is unable to contact the Project/Site Manager, or if any specific information is required about any previous works. The site diary will be kept in the TW Data site office/area (large installations only).

Throughout the contract the client representative will be made totally aware of which building areas the installation engineers will be expecting to work in next so that they can give/bring to the table any relevant input for that specific works. These processes remain in place throughout the duration of the schedule of works to completion where the complete installation will be tested 100%.

The client will normally wish to be present for this and witness test around 10% of the installation. Once this is complete the client will then sign off the engineers Job Sheets or Work Order which then enables the Project Co-ordinator to produce the as built drawings with a complete set of test results. Fluke DTX 1800's are used for the copper installations with full OTDR results being supplied for any Fibre Installations.